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Another fantastic device to that works in tandem with iPad is Ustream which allows anyone to watch or stream recorded a live video over the internet. Ustream technology was created from a desire of the founders to make a way for military families to see each other during their tour of duty; particularly those enlisted in the Army and were deployed overseas during the Iraq war and from that desire came, Ustream. The creators of this amazing technology are John Ham, Brad Hunstable and DR. Gyula Feher. They saw a need for military families to stay in contact during the war which help to shape the way we communicate with each other. Ustream was born in 2006 and is now an excellent device for sharing live video to the iPad, iphone and other smart phones.

A product like Ustream would provided a way for them talk to all of their relatives at once and see their faces when free time was available in the war zone. You could say this is the first face time even before the iphone Face Time technology.

Ustream technology still isn't perfect due to band widths and the amount of data that can be transmitted over the internet but it's pretty good for what it allows you to accomplish.

If you have ever watched a live Ustream broadcast, you'll notice how choppy the broadcast is and it may even pause at times. However, the process and result is pretty amazing considering you have live images happening right in front of you and you didn't have to pay for it.. The website created for Ustream now has hundreds if not thousands of ready to view live and recorded broad casts anyone can watch.

Ustream technology moves consumer’s one step closer to turning the iPad into a virtual TV. All you need to experience Ustream is an internet connection and a web cam. It’s completely free to join the website and use the technology. The possibilities are limit less. You can literally set up your own TV Studio in your home and broadcast away.

Available Ustream iPad and iPhone Apps

There are enough Ustream apps in the apps store to keep you busy having fun with your iPad to tv apps., iPhone or Android phone. We found a total of 5 Ustream apps listed in the apps store which were, Ustream.tv Inc, Ustream Live Broadcaster, Ustream Recorder for the iPhone 3G S, Ustream.tv, Inc Kidd Live! and Ustream.tv, Inc Hal Sparks. All but one is free to use for your pleasure. Ustream.tv, Inc regular, allows you to interact live with anyone to watch live events with unlimited size audiences.

Ustream Live Broadcaster allows you to stream live moments from your iPad or iPhone and share with your friends and family. Ustream Recorder for iPhone 3G S allows you to record video from your iPhone and send them to twitter and Facebook accounts.

Ustream Kidd Live allows you to watch and listen to the Kidd Kraddick morning radio show. You can also participate in purchasing merchandise from the website as well.

As we researched this device we are also discovering a ton of things to do to not only have fun but communicate important information to each other. The UStream apps present an abundance of possibilities for use on the iPad.

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