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Direct TV iPad App Review

The Direct TV iPad app is excellent. If you have access to an iPad a Direct TV account with WIFI setup you'll have a ton of fun with streaming programs for entertainment.

The iPad® (iOS 5 is recommended for best results). You’ll also need the FREE DIRECTV iPad® App to stream videos anywhere and watch live Television in your home. You also need an HD DVR connected to the internet which allows you to record your favorite shows from anywhere in the world. The app is free and truly enhances DIRECTV for all users.

You can use the app as a remote to schedule recordings, watch live shows, watch live shows through the internet using DLNA streaming technology. You can browse to find movies you want to see and authorize events like boxing matches and moves, browse by Date and Time or by channel. DirectTV InterfaceDirectTV has added a ton of channels to their listing to watch live tv shows like Law and Order, Chicago Fire and many more. The new and most popular feature is DirectTV everywhere. Choose Watch live on iPad and pick the live TV selection to find the channel you want to watch anywhere.

If you are not near WIFI you'll get a message that says "Streaming on Cellular - Using your cellular connection to stream this video may incur additional charges from your data provider; cancel or continue. If you have the unlimited plan you shouldn't incur any extra charges. If you don't then it would be wise for you to use it to stream.

It helps take the stress off the streaming network. If you're not using the WIFI it may take a while for the channel to load or the channel may not be available away from home. In that case you'll get a message that says Not Available - This channel is not available out of home. The message makes it seem like the app won't give you TV Everywhere.

If you look closer you'll discover the shows you can't get away from home are grayed out and channels that do are not. The away from home channels have a message box that says "On the Go" to identify the away from home channels. So you can get TV from everywhere just not the ones you love the most.

However, there are a couple of channels like the SONYHD movie channel and the SHRTHD channel which broadcasts high quality short movies. The other channels listed are AUDHD which airs The Nick and Artie Show; AXSTV which airs CelebriDate and other entertainment shows. If you're at home and want to watch a wider variety of shows connect to your WIFI and you should get a lot more channels to watch. Wanted to see TV more easier when you're away from home? Try The Slingbox which has transmits an extremely clear signal and a device that DIRECTV’s may not want you know about.

DirectTV iPhone Apps

The app can also be used as a remote command center and the iPhone that controls your HD box in the living room. It's allows you to schedule DVR recordings through WIFI, and it has an easy to browse guide for locating your favorite programs and setting preferences for the types of shows you like. The remote control part of the app requires a WiFi connection. DVR control can be over WiFi, 3G or the Edge network, if your iPad is so equipped. The DirectTV app offers a lot of options that include scheduling shows to record, watching recorded shows, watching live tv shows and live events like boxing and special concerts. All you have to do is download the iPad app for DirectTV and have an account to access and live TV is all yours.
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