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TVU Player iPad App Review

Looking for cool apps to give you a live TV signal on an iPad is easy but, will you like what we found out about the app called the TVU Player? The cheap entertainment app was introduced in October of 2009 and works on the iPhone as well as the iPad.. One thing we know for certain. When consumers say they want live TV they really mean live TV and not substitutions. As you well know, we live in an instantaneous world that want the best of everything because we have experienced the best and there is no going back. Especially when it comes to television programing.

TVU Player has a lot to offer. Some consumers love it very much but others don't. You might even find that to be true of the Slingbox; another video source to get TV on your iPad or iPhone. Here’s what we found out about the TVU Player.

You will have access to obscure TV shows like Willow TV, Star Games TV, The Auto Channel, God TV, 3ABN and a bunch more. These networks may be known to a few people but not a mainstream group of people.

The ideal situation for app to make a satisfied customer is one that carries main stream television programs; to be able to watch the news just before going to bed or even watch a baseball game live while you're at a baseball game live. The instantaneous world we live in now wants that kind of entertainment.

Now, we can't leave out the crowd that doesn’t really care about having instantaneous ipad to tv entertainment apps. They could care less and the TVU Player is their slice of heaven.

We read review after review and found split crowds. Some believe the TVU Player is exactly what they want to get live tv on their iPads. The listed programs are fabulous. In May of 2009 a satisfied user of the TVU Player said “Best app I've downloaded so far" and gave it 5 stars.

He says "I highly recommend CH 65073, lots of documentaries and 1st run movies". Also Ch. 48779; It's the broad cast Warner Brothers Channel in Tampa. He also recommended channel 10018; a CBS channel located in the bay area. His argument for people that don't like the app is because they don't take the time to look through all it has to offer.

We bought the app and tried it and now follow the crowd that wants a bit more due to being spoiled by cable at home like Direct TV or Time Warner. Another user says "This app has everything I wanted; lots of channels that represent all over the world.

"This is real satellite TV! I love it". So we must leave it up to you. It certainly can't hurt to try the app for 4.99. For less than 5 dollars the TVU Player will give you television shows that stream to your iPad or iPhone day and night.

TVU Player Attributes

In conclusion, and after testing the TVU Player from the iTunes store, we found out it's only 4.99, and you get access to obscure TV shows that stream (not live) from categories like News, Sports Networks, Movies, Lifestyles, Music, Science - Fun, Cartoons, Shopping and RRsat. Pros, Spike TV, Discover TV, CVC or Canada broadcasting, and obscure sports channels that all seem to work nicely on the iphone. We did search for Spike TV and could not find it. The shows are listed by band width which means it gets tougher to load a station as the band width gets smaller. This could also be due the fact that others are trying to watch the channel at the same time.

The TVU Player app is excellent for anyone who has not been spoiled by having instant news, weather and sports from Direct TV or Time Warner.

What it does offer is a chance to see how other cultures live, what they love and don't love. Why should we care? You've heard the saying knowledge is power. It's true. If you bought the TVU Player app and you absolutely hate it, look for positives you might find by enjoying other cultures.
The Top 5 desires of consumers who want live TV on iPhone are:
1. Access to good familiar programming.
2. Live TV on the iPad and not streaming.
3. The ability to watch Live TV anywhere.
4. The ability to watch live TV anytime of the day.
5. The benefit of not having to pay a monthly charge.

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