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World View by iPad App webcams.travel Review

World view app allows you or anyone access to images and video around the world to favorite destination places that you may want to travel to someday. Like all reviews, some people will love an app and some will hate it.

You can download the no cost version of the world view but you'll discover the lite version of the app only gives you still images as a way to get you to upgrade to the full version that streams video of a place you might be researching. One reviewer says they have become addicted to the app eiffel tower by World Viewfor seeing favorite destination locations. Another reviewer describes it as classy, elegant, smooth, intuitive and easy to use, He couldn't wait to see the live version of the app where you can also enter a url to while using the app.

Wow... he likes the interface to the app as well. On the left is a still image extracted from the world view app of the eiffel tower at night. one reviewer only gave it four stars because he was disappointed that app only has images of major cities but other than that he thinks the app is amazing. That review was in 2009 and it's a good possibility they have added a lot more cities by now. One reviewer uses the app to explore places he's thinking of visiting. If you don't have the funds to visit some places you can use this app as inspiration to help you scout places you want visit in the future. It's not the real thing but images of places can prove to be an excellent tool to motivate you to move to the next step of your travel plans.

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Some of the listed cites you get are; Switzerland, Elm Gl, Switzerland, Fiesch, France, Strasbourg, Belgium, Brussel. Popular places include Italy, Finland and Telluride in the United States' the home of independent film makers that travel their to debut their films. As you can see the shot of the eiffel tower above is only a taste of what you'll have access to when using the world view app by webcams.travel. Either way you wont be disappointed with all of the benefits this app offers travelers of the world; and its only 2.99 in the itunes store. Take this app and use it as a tool to be inspired for your next destination and thank you for visiting ipadtotv.com

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