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France Live for the iPad

France Live app Review

France Live app is dedicated to the French culture but gets a wrap. At closer look you'll discover it has a lot to offer anyone looking for French culture type TV shows. You can get the pro version for only 1. 99. One reviewer says the app is deceptively named because it claims to provide French TV but doesn't’t. He says It has a banner asking the buyer to purchase apps behind the banner ads which is devoted to archeology. It’s really a banner ad app with nothing to offer. And reviewer gives it a horrible rating as well.

Some of the channels work for the first few days and the sound eventually disappears on a good news channel. He even contacted the company about it and got a curt reply back that nothing was wrong with the app. It is less than a farce. Another reviewer agrees the video quality is horrible with terrible resolution. When the app doesn't’t allow you to connect you get error messages. The instructions suggest that you check your internet connections and after a while the app actually tells you it can’t be fixed.

That’s not at all a good rating for this app but if you look closer your discover a channel that is quite entertaining called Clap TV. It offers cultural information, and a live broadcast that share stories about film, music, painting, literature, theater, artist interviews. You'll get clips from behind the scenes and with all kinds of general topics of interests.

Many programs are available upon request and are grouped into different categories. You can also leave comments on the website. The app works on your desktop computer as well. It's similar to like Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood with entertaining videos. If you like celebrity gossip, Clap TV is an excellent choice for good viewing. They encourage do visitors to leave comments on the website to keep a relationship going with viewers.

France TV app for iPad

As usually there’s at least one person that likes the app. We found one woman that disagrees with all of the criticisms we pointed out above. She says she is able to watch many of her favorite French programs with absolutely no problems at all.

The key is to checking out the apps is always to download the trial version before you make a purchase. It’s very hard to get your money back when downloading apps so do your diligence when checking out the France TV app for the iPad or the iPhone. Thank you for visiting ipadtotv.com

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