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Filmon app for the iPad

Filmon Live app Review

The Filmon Live app is difficult to put criticize due to amazing content that it offers. The founder, Alkiviades David reveals Filmon.tv provides it's subscribers with engaging, unique and exclusive programming and is socially integrated to a powerful user friendly platform on web mobile and tablet as well as third party devices like ROKU, BOXEE, WD, iPad and many more. the Ipad and many more. Filmon allows consumers to access incredible original programming in addition to more than 150 channels; including major league sports, news and movies on demand and pay per view.

filmon service diagramAdditionally, their proprietary differentiate Filmon.tv air device gives subscribers the ability to tune in and watch live digital over the air tv signals; something you can't get with other similar services such as Hulu or Netflix.

Filmon is also allows their users to access video on demand titles from hollywood studios independent film distributors national producers and sports providers with their satellite uplink facilities in Los Angeles, London and Geneva; as well as their state of the art live television studio located in Beverly Hills, CA.

It allows you to watch participate and make content to the level of the users interests. Filmon subcontracts their content and technology to advertisers teleco's and broadcasters to maximize Filmon's potential for distribution and access for over the top market placing.

Filmon's team of internet television and entertainment executives along with their network engineers, programmers and producers provide an exciting business opportunity for sophisticated technology and entertainment investors. Filmon.tv is the future of television here and now.

Filmon iPad app user review

One reviewer says this is a must have app for anyone who watches t. v. and they should download it now. He obviously gives it 5 stars as well. We wanted to find someone who didn't like the app and why. Another review has problems with WIFI crashes and the app got a thumbs down from a reviewer because you can't record your any shows and their are no local shows. As we see it, this type of TV. is for people who like to branch out and try new things. If you're looking for new adventures in entertainment we say try this app out and get the most out of it by experimenting. It could be called crazy tv because it's crazy how much you get from the filmon ipad app. Thank you for visiting ipadtotv.com

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