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Slingbox Live app Review

Most people don't know what a slingbox is. It happens to be one of the best devices to watch live tv on an iPad in existence today. You can go to a foreign country like Japan and still watch your regularly scheduled direct tv programs you're use to watching.

That's correct; a slingbox allows you to see TV the same shows you watch daily in your living room from far away via satellite. The box picks up the signal from a satellite that you TV currently views and sends the signal from the sensors that you attach to your current cable box to your smart device or your computer.

The inventor of the device was on a trip and got frustrated because he wanted to see English speaking television programs and couldn’t so he created the “Sling Box to solve the issue. Now anyone who takes a trip far from the homeland, he or she can watch American television anywhere where you can make a computer connection. We sure it’s a device that companies like DIRECTV probably doesn't like.

One issue we encountered was should have a better way to split the cable signal. While operating the device, the box took over the signal of a TV in a second room which interrupted anyone watching that TV. You could change the channel on the main box and the other TV channel would change also.

The remedy is to hook the Slingbox up to a split signal but that has a down side as well. Only one of the signals on the splitter can be high definition while the other is standard definition. This certainly is not a problem if you live alone and no one watches a second TV in another room.

The second remedy will be to add a Genie to the second TV which means you may have to spend a few extra dollars on a cable bill. At least you can control one of the TV sets and enjoy to best of both worlds.

The Slingbox hooks into iPads, iPhones, and other smart devices as well.

Slingbox iPad app user review

Another cool thing about the Slingbox is you own it once you purchase it. You don't have to pay any monthly fees to use the device and it can be purchased for about 230. dollars.

The device can be accessed from any computer with an internet signal. All you do is log into your account to access the Slingbox remote control which looks exactly like the remote you use at home. Point and click to change channels and fast forward recorded programs.

You computer becomes a literal TV; use WIFI when accessing your home cable to get a great connection. More and more restaurants are starting to offer free WIFI and that's a good thing. You can find more reviews of the Slingbox ipad app on itunes. Thank you for visiting ipadtotv.com

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