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Net tv iPad App Review

Another fantastic app that works in tandem with iPad or iPhone is Net tv which is big on foreign tv if you depending on where you live. For the person living in the US you'll find this mostly foreign tv stations.

One reviewer from Egypt proves this point and actually gives this app 5 stars and claims this is a wonderful app. He likes it he says because he's Egyptian and very happy to see an Egyptian channel. "Thank you for this wonderful app". In another case the reviewer pointed out the benefits of learning a language. He says he tried the lite version to play it safe and was so impressed he didn't hesitate to buy the full version.

He's fully aware the app doesn't have every channel but it has live Fox News Los Angeles and that's cool for him and again points out how you can use TV apps to learn a new language and that is really cool.

We can't leave out European sports for this app another reviewer points out. He says it's overall an okay app. Good for sports. Most guys are in to sports and If you're a guy who likes sports... Sports is sports right? He does suggest buying the lite version and getting the full version if you like it.

Net TV iPad and iPhone App

You'll get shows like:
BBC Persian
Antena Latina 7 - Dominican
Angel TV from India
4E TV from Greece
A9 TV of Turkey
Al Karma TV U.S.A.
And many more. So if you want some variety in your television viewing life try the net tv app and get foreign TV shows that include comedy, drama and news. You can also download it on your PC. Some of the channels run 24 hours per day and you don't need a tuner. As we researched this device we are discovered a lot about foreign programs that could help you learn tons about other cultures and that's always a plus. The Net tv app offers an abundance of things to watch on your iPad or iPhone.

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