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It seems like a lot of people of looking for ways to get TV on the internet or on their smart devices. We are such an intertanment socitey that pretty soon you will be an out cast if your smart device doesn't get live tv streaming. or internet tv streams on your home computer from your smart phone, iPad or iPod touch. Orb Live is great if you have the patience to set it up. We looked closely at setting up on a PC and the steps proved to be cumbersome. Orb's website says it's easy to set up with these steps: Download the software to your pc and set up the software and launch the Orb Control panel and make sure iTunes is selected or folders that hold your media. You need to orb livepurchase a tuner. WinTV HVR-950 BDA Capture or WinTV HVR-950 Capture. The device can be found for about 65 to 85 dollars. Amazon.comamazon.com usually has good prices on used items like this. Once your tuner has been found in the list you can start the wizard to set up your tv. Be sure to choose Enable Orb Remote Access before moving to the second step. After going through the set up wizard your smart device should be able to start streaming through your WIFI signal. The images will actually be streaming from the server that is set up on your computer to your smart device.

Orb Live TV for iPad user review

one reviewer says an update of the program made it worse. Now the app starts and stops and buffers forever. Video shows up with no audio and crashes often. We're surprise he gave it one star. Another reviewer concurs stating that the app is now useless the him after the update. We looked to find someone who actually thinks the app is okay the way it is. He says this app works 100%. It's smooth, functional and has yet to crash on him. He suggest updating your computer to be more compatible with today's codecs, Another happy camper says he can load his entire collection with music and carry it wherever he goes. It works great and he really enjoys it. We recommend you get ready to do a little work setting up Orb Live TV and also make sure your computer software is updated so the program will run smoothly. Thank you for visiting ipadtotv.com

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