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It's easy connecting an iPad to a TV to display video and other apps on a TV screen with an Apple VGA Adapter but, what if you could convert your iPad into a virtual TV that you can watch it anytime or anywhere? Every since Apple unveiled the iPad on January 28th 2010 the technology world has never been the same. An iPad is about the size of a note pad, one half inch thick with a ten inch tall screen. The iPad is just one of Apple's most powerful and new and important inventions. Steve Jobs unveiled the amazing tech gadget and blew everyone away almost matching the popularity of the iPhone. The device falls into the lap top smart phone category..

The iPad allows you to read the paper, play video games, read a book, and of course surf the web. You can even do face time with the iPad when connected to a another apple device that has Face Time. Have you ever wondered how to convert your iPad to a TV? That's what this website is all about. We're digging deep to find ways for you to turn your iPad into a television. You may ask why with all of the other things you can do with an iPad.

We believe we're on to something big that you will eventually see everywhere you go. People connected to iPads looking for for news, weather, sports, entertainment or to watch a favorite TV show.

Just about everything we do in life centers around the television. We always looking to get updates on news weather, sports, movies, games, music downloads and much more. Not everyone watches TV but more people do than don't and the iPad is the next new way to access TV shows.

TV is not only for vegging-out, it can also be used as a tool to educate if used correctly. it can be used to make appointment, a reminder for pressing issues on our daily calendar, a clock for keeping time and a chat room when using the Face Time; You can do so much more when using the iPad if you look even closer to what it has to offer.

We're looking at forward technology to reveal the next new and fun thing for iPads like iPad to TV applications that provide live and streaming television for entertainment pleasure.

Some of the apps we discovered, with the goal to turn your iPad into a television, had us saying wow. We didn't know they existed. We hope to enlighten and educated you about one of the most fascinating gadgets to hit the stores since the iPhone; the iPad. And now their's and iPad Mini to add to the fun.

You can throw the iPhone in the same category because technically, the iPhone is smaller version of the iPad. It has a phone line connected to Face Time and already has phone technology connected to it. We've tried Face Time on the iPad and it's absolutely amazing. It's only a matter of time before you'll be able to use your iPad as a giant iPhone.

On our site you'll gain access to many apps that have been developed to help turn your IPad into a TV and we will reveal them.

You'll read about the how the iPad is not only an instrument of entertainment but also a TV monitor that allows concerned parents to check on their little ones while they sleep. What else can you do with an IPad that could improve the lives of others? The possibilities look pretty good.

Is SlingBox the best way to get Live TV on IPads?

If you haven’t heard by now, a favorite among those who get TV on iPads, is Slingbox. This device allows you to tap into your own DVR from home, The Sling box is the brain child of Blake and Jason Krikorian who invented the device out of frustration of not being able to view a television in their native English tongue. In 2006, they received backing to the tune of 46 million dollars to get the company started now called Sling Media and the rest is history. The Slingbox not only allows you to get your own TV on your iPad but your Smart phone as well; including the Droid.

Traveling? You don't have to miss the shows you watch regularly. It works anywhere in the world as long near WiFi or have an internet connection. You can find WiFi just about anywhere you go now days. It's surprising that a lot of people don't know about the Slingbox turning your iPad into a TV.

We love competition so we'll reveal as many apps as we can to get you the entertainment you look forward to enjoying. Feel free to browse our website to and find the best app for your liking and visit iPad to TV as often as you like.

Its amazing to know that iPad users have the ability to take a television signal and relay it via a broadband connection to any internet-connected device anywhere, anytime.

Slingbox won't be your only choice to gain access to turn your iPad into a TV. As we continue to research, we found apps like UStream, Net TV, TVU Player, World View, France Live and Film On which allows you to get TV using an app. Just download and start viewing televisions on your IPad or iPhone immediately.

You'll discover software and apps can also be accessed directly from the web as well Thank you for visiting ipadtotv.com.

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